Please note that these are the opinions of Why the Women’s World Cup Matters and we are not affiliated with the Canadian Soccer Association, FIFA or the Women’s World Cup.  We are 100% positive that the World Cup will be a complete success on all accounts.  Our opinions reflect our view of social shifts that we believe for the benefit for girls and women should change on the field and off the field locally and internationally.  


What Girls & Women want..

The choice to play and enjoy being active

To play, referee or coach without ridicule or violence

To be supported by family, friends and community

To have adequate equipment and equal field access

To have organizational structures for practices, games and leagues

To learn and be guided by experienced coaches and trainers

To have a hierarchy of levels to strive towards from recreation to university, professional, national team, Olympic and World Cup Competitions

To have equitable financial backing at national and professional levels that enables players to train regularly and to earn a living through their sport

To be recognized by media and the community

To gain sponsorship and financial rewards to support the commitment and sacrifices they have made to dedicate to full time training

To create professional leadership career opportunities such as coaching, management, scouting, governance and logistics

To have a say in their own game

Girls and women want to be respected for their abilities, treated fairly, encouraged, feel important, be challenged, strive to be their best, to create friendships and feel a part of a group.  They want to win, to score goals, to excel in performance, to play with style, to be tough, committed, to travel, to be healthy, to be physically attractive and to be free to choose their own destiny with their bodies and activities.

They also want to bring the positive lessons they learned through soccer and sport into their education, careers, business, relationships and lifestyle.


The Good News: Canada is Hosting the 2015FIFA Women’s World Cup and the U20 Women’s World Championships

Thanks to the Canadian Soccer Association, the Women’s World Cup will take place in Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Moncton.

To set precedence for the Women’s World Cup, women’s businesses should be encouraged as the number one choice for service, human resources and product operations in all aspects before, during and after the tournament.

Women should have frontline decision making opportunities and have paid leadership roles rather than just being relied on for volunteer opportunities.

Profits received by the CSA from the Women’s World Cup should go directly back into girls and women’s programming and legacy initiatives.

The Women’s National Team and development programs should have full financial support to gain the necessary preparations to succeed.


Goals for Women’s Soccer in Canada – 5 Years

Girls and women already represent 47% of registered players in Canada and create 47% of revenue through their membership.  According to statistics Canada, women represent more than 50% of the population.

47% or more of Federal/Provincial Taxpayers Funding towards soccer deserves to be given to women/girls programming.

47% of National Team Funding deserves to go to the Women’s Program.

47% of representation and decision making on the CSA and Provincial Boards deserves to be female.

47% of professional coaches represented in local club, high performance, Provincial, Professional and National Programs deserves to be executed by women.

Cities across Canada can mandate this by the use of equity laws and field access in their sports programming to ensure that clubs are funding and hiring women accordingly to the percentage of membership in their club.

For example:  If a club is spending $100,000 towards development and 50% of their membership is female than 50% of the funding should go to female coaches.  Vancouver has equity laws in their sports mandate.  In order for a soccer club to rent soccer fields, they have to prove equity in their professional staff and funding.

Women’s Pro League should be included with the Vancouver Whitecaps, Montreal Impact and Toronto FC all who receive provincial and federal funding and use girls and women to market for sponsorship dollars.

Women’s Coaching Course Center organized and run by female coaches.

FIFA has established a coaching education program throughout the world run by women leaders with an emphasis on how to best train girls and women, to encourage the development of women coaches and to emphasize equitable behaviours to male coaches.



Increase participation and accessibility for girls in low income, multi cultural and First Nations communities.


Positive Effects

Increased participation will improve the health, balance, self-esteem, leadership potential, productivity and choices girls and women make to lead more fulfilled lives.

Girls and women will have the confidence to create goals to improve and extend their playing career.  They will believe that there are professional opportunities to strive for in the soccer industry as coaches, managers, logistic coordinators, directors and high management positions.

Outside of soccer, girls and women will use the transferable athletic, leadership, team building and goal setting skills to further and fulfill their education, business, executive and personal opportunities.

Women in all aspects of life will benefit from the empowerment, appreciation and respect gained from the collective increase in positive messaging staged at World Cup and Olympic competitions.  The affect will lead to girls and women participating in greater numbers and will provide further acceleration for women to succeed in education pursuits, politics, upper management and financial stability.  These equitable factors will give girls and women increased personal fulfillment and the ability to build more positive relationships and role modeling that will inherently benefit boys and men.



The Equal Play team is thrilled to be working with by Olympic Medal designer Corrine Hunt & Jeweller Sandra Bars, in producing this beautiful sterling silver pendant as a symbol of equality and the rights of women and girls on and off the field.