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Girls Legacy Program in Elementary Schools

Leadership can start at an early age. Women have proven their capacity to succeed in all careers. They also have the ability to lead soccer teams, clubs, associations and businesses at all levels. Our leadership program will start girls off on the right foot organizing their own major soccer events in their own schools to prepare girls with the idea to lead sport organizations.

Currently, over 2000 girls in Vancouver elementary schools have participated in our free two month long Girls Leadership Soccer Project. Most of them received a free ball or t-shirt.

Thank you to our generous sponsors Canadian Tire Jump Start, Telus and RBC for donation toward this opportunity.

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Vison:  To bring Awareness towards the benefits and challenges girls and women face on and off the field and to communicate, strategize and collaborate initiatives to bring a legacy of change.

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Speaker Series

This speakers series will bring world reknown women soccer players and influencial women leaders to prominent cities across Canada. Media conferences and interviews will be arranged as well as possible addresses to local boards of trade and women’s business networks.



First Nations Girls Soccer Program

Globally, there are many girls and women suffering in situations where their families or communities lack funding for sport and leadership opportunities.  In Canada, our First Nations people have experienced deep challenges from historic tragedies. Girls and women in their community deserve the full attention to thrive with legacy initiatives that can inspire positive forward commitment to health and well being.




School Project

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Engaging Leaders in Committing to Equity

Why the Women’s World Cup Matters will identify individuals in the best position to approach civic and business leaders in prominent Canadian cities as well as nearby municipalities to initiate measures to increase financial support for girls’ and women’s soccer, advance women’s leadership in the sport, and increase support, through procurement related to the 2015 events, for women’s businesses. The approach will include educational briefing sessions, presentations to boards and organizations, and meet-and-greet events.


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The Equal Play team is thrilled to be working with by Olympic Medal designer Corrine Hunt & Jeweller Sandra Bars, in producing this beautiful sterling silver pendant as a symbol of equality and the rights of women and girls on and off the field.