• The ability to set goals, to show up and give
    your best to find out where your talents can take you
    is one of the greatest gifts we have.

    Photo: Robin Toma
  • We build friendships and
    strive further than we could ever
    accomplish or enjoy alone.

    Photo: Robin Toma
  • Soccer teaches life skills to come back
    from all of the roadblocks our journey’s encounter.
    It gives girls and boys a sense of purpose.

    Photo: Russell Watkins – Department for International Development
  • A soccer ball inspires happiness,
    creativity and friendships.
    The Women’s World Cup
    sends a positive global message
    that girls are capable and important.

  • The World Cup brings
    glimmers of hope to those who are
    silenced and an awareness
    or potential awakening to
    those who force the controls.

    Photo: Photo Source Unknown
  • Girls and women are often victims.
    They have less access to get out
    of desperate situations.
    Soccer can radically change
    their sense of self worth and focus.

    Photo: John Walker


Creating Positive Change for Girls & Women
On and Off the Field

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“Kwikw”  Eagle with Soccer Ball, Fundraising Silver Pendant by Olympic Medal designer Corrine Hunt, and jeweler, Sandra Bars

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Creating Changes On & Off the Field

Welcome to Equal Play. You don't have to be a soccer fan to see the importance of girls and women being treated fairly on a global scale. We invite you to visit through our pages to become more aware of the obstacles girls face that most people take for granted as normal in our own back yards and abroad. We also encourage you to make a difference by questioning and orchestrating changes in your own neighbourhoods. Join our campaign by passing on our message, encouraging equity and donating or sponsoring programs that will open opportunities for girls and women in all aspects of their lives.

In the News


http://www.vancitybuzz.com/2014/09/use-turf-fields-2015-fifa-womens-world-cup-stirring-debate-gender-discrimination/ Turf injuries were recently brought to light by basketball star Kobe Bryant who tweeted a picture of American professional player Sydney Leroux’s injuries after playing on turf. Simran Singh Editorial Intern at Vancity Buzz The FIFA Women’s World Cup will be held throughout six stad
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NPR: Artificial Turf Spurs Protests Against 2015 Women’s World Cup

https://soundcloud.com/wbez-worldview/artificial-turf-spurs-protests-against-2015-womens-world-cup   Female soccer players from around the world are outraged that the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada will be played on artificial turf. In a letter to FIFA from some of the top footballers in the world, lawyers representing the players wrote, “Singling out this women’s tournament for substandard
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CTV Morning News Interview: Grass vs Turf

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New York Times: To End This Turf War, Unroll Sod

For the 1994 men’s World Cup matches at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Mich., grass was installed over the field’s artificial turf for about $2 million. BILL WAUGH / ASSOCIATED PRESS http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/08/22/sports/soccer/world-cup-has-precedent-of-installing-grass.html?smid=tw-share&_r=3 By JULIET MACUR AUGUST 21, 2014 FIFA doesn’t want to talk about installing grass for next summer’
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Bill Good Show: World Cup Wrap Up

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The Equal Play team is thrilled to be working with by Olympic Medal designer Corrine Hunt & Jeweller Sandra Bars, in producing this beautiful sterling silver pendant as a symbol of equality and the rights of women and girls on and off the field.