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Why the Women's World Cup Matters: In the News

Carrie Serwetnyk: World Cup owl in drag

Canadian Soccer Association president Victor Montagliani, Brazilian soccer icon Marta and Shuéme, the new owl mascot for the 2015 Women’s World Cup, to held in Canada. (Carrie Serwetnyk photo) RIO DE JANEIRO — On my last night in Rio, I met more Canadians than my entire trip. Someone
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Carrie Serwetnyk: World Cup massacre

RIO DE JANEIRO – Unbelievable! Shocking. Open mouth and fit in a football – 7-1 Germany over Brazil! Did any octopi out there guess this? Such a massacre would be like the U.S. beating Canada by double digits in hockey. If your kid were on the team, would you suggest another spo
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Carrie Serwetnyk: Rio: Calm before the storm

The beach was quiet and empty for this vendor. (Carrie Serwetnyk) RIO DE JANEIRO – Today was strangely quiet. It was slightly overcast. I rented a bike and meandered along stunning beaches in Rio. Usually the streets are packed with fans from all over the world showing off their footb
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Carrie Serwetnyk: Argentina: Daddy in the house

Argentinian fans cooled down singing Brasil, decime que se siente, tener en su casa a tu papa. “Brazil, tell me how it feels, to be bossed about in your own back yard.” (Carrie Serwetnyk) RIO DE JANEIRO – I cannot get “the” song out of my head. The Argentinians splashed into Rio today
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Carrie Serwetnyk: Brazil on the Brink

RIO DE JANEIRO — I thought cheering on the quarter-finals in Rio was enough excitement for the day, especially watching Brazil on home soil. There was also the moment when I clunked heads juggling on the beach with a football player; I forget where he’s from now that I have a lump on
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Carrie Serwetnyk: Life in the Rio Favela: rifle shots, Criminal Minds and football

  RIO DE JANEIRO – Today we ducked from rifle shots, met a team of forensics who were investigating the murder of a gay tourist and ran into some monkeys along the way. It is our break here in Rio as we keenly anticipate the quarterfinals. We are all a bit exhausted. I imagine fa
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Carrie Serwetnyk: Blind football in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO – It can be difficult enough to get to the bathroom in the darkness of the middle of the night let alone play a game like soccer without sight. But that’s the case for athletes like Jeferson da Conceição Gonçalves, known as Jefinho, who is considered the best visually i
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Carrie Serwetnyk: Shoeless in Rio during FIFA World Cup

Brazilian fans cheer their team outside the Mineirao stadium before the FIFA World Cup Brazil vs Chile, in Belo Horizonte, on June 28, 2014. (GUSTAVO ANDRADE/AFP/Getty Images)   RIO DE JANEIRO — The bastards stole my shoes. I had to get home in bare feet. I suppose I can tell mys
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Carrie Serwetnyk: Hedonistic beach balancing act in Rio

Youths play soccer on the shoreline of Copacabana beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, this week. PHOTO: ANDREW MEDICHINI, ASSOCIATED PRESS RIO DE JANEIRO — The World Cup is hell for the diet. There are no vegetables except French fries in Rio. I forgot to drink water for the first three
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